About Us

FastForward Justice (Sole Proprietorship) is an online legal organisation which is aimed at advancing the present legal education within the country. FastForward Justice is a creation of Mr. Amit. The main motive of this organisation is to conduct various competitions, seminars, workshops, moot courts & conferences on various issues of public importance. This organisation is also aimed at enhancing the following skills of law students namely, Research Skills, Drafting Skills, Legal Writing Skills, Mooting Skills & much more. This organisation believes in providing equal & fair opportunity to each and everyone in the society. To accomplish the above-mentioned motives & objects, organisation will be launching its various projects such as Law Journals (Bearing An ISSN Number), Law Books (Bearing An ISBN Number), Legal Consultation Services & much more.

FastForward Justice wants to present the law in its simplest form which will be easy to understand or learn for a layman. Law students are the vital part of this organisation and we respect their opinions or suggestions. We'll not do any kind of compromise with the legal education at all costs. We at FastForward Justice believe in working together to bring the required developments in the present legal system.

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