At a workshop cum seminar held by the citizen’s rights trust and on the eve of international women’s day, Justice India Banerjee that opined she was not elevated to the post of SC Judge just because she is a woman. She says that women are extremely capable of doing anything and women have also proved the same through times. She believes that providing reservations for women only undermines the capability of women. She also felt it ‘awfully insulting’ when comments were aimed at her because of the existing reservations. She continued to say that a lot of male judges at the Calcutta high court directly commented at her in person that she was privileged to be a Judge at the Calcutta HC just because she is a woman. She struggled to match the numbers in terms of salary to that of her male counterparts.

Other dignitaries like Justice Prathibha Singh and Advocate Vijay Hansaria have graced the event too. Justice Pratibha Singh beautifully said that it is tough to be a woman litigant and tougher to be a mother and a litigant. She added that as much as 50% of Delhi district judiciary comprised of women. She opined that this is how the change has to be brought about in an organic manner and not by making new laws and fighting for them. She further added that people may think laws pro women are beneficial to them like the maternity benefit but it rather convinces employers not to employ women.

Advocate Vijay Hansaria commented that since women are more caring, concerned and compassionate there is a need for them lead the nation. He sternly commented that women are the weaker sex and the debate should be ended.

Justice Singh felt that women are not being encouraged in the field of science and scientific research taking into view that very fewer patents are granted to them.


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